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Kiam Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter DJBS-302

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Introducing the Kiam Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter DJBS-302, a sleek and efficient kitchen essential. Crafted with a durable stainless steel join body, this rice cooker combines style with functionality. The 1.8-liter capacity and coated pot material ensure perfect rice every time. With a powerful 700-watt power and a voltage of 220VAC 50Hz, this appliance delivers consistent results for your cooking needs. Elevate your culinary experience with the reliable performance of the Kiam Rice Cooker.


Kiam Rice Cooker 1.8 Liter DJBS-302

• Brand: Kiam
• Type: Rice Cooker
• Body: SS Join Body
• Model: DJBS-302
• Capacity: 1.8 Liter
• Pot Material: Coated
• Power: 700 Watt
• Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz

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