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Kiam Electric Kettle 1.8L M-109

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Kiam Electric Kettle 1.8L M-109

The Kiam Electric Kettle 1.8L M-109 is a high-quality kitchen appliance designed to make boiling water a breeze. Manufactured by the trusted brand Kiam, this model, M-109, boasts a generous 1.8-liter capacity, making it suitable for various household needs. Its locking lid ensures safety during operation, and the removable scale filter helps maintain water purity.

The kettle is equipped with a 360-degree rotational base, providing convenient handling and placement. Safety features include boil dry and overheating protection, along with an auto shut-off function, enhancing user confidence and preventing accidents. The double-layer body adds insulation, keeping the exterior cool to the touch while maintaining the water temperature inside.

With a power rating of 1500W and operating at 220V/50Hz, the Kiam Electric Kettle M-109 efficiently heats water for your tea, coffee, or other hot beverage needs. This product combines functionality, safety, and sleek design, making it an excellent addition to any kitchen.


Kiam Electric Kettle 1.8L M-109

*Brand Kiam
*Model M-109
*Capacity 1.8L
*Locking lid
*Removable Scale Filter
*360 Degree Rotational Base
*Safety Boil Dry & Overheating Protection
*Auto Shut Off
*Double Layer Body
*220V50Hz. 1500W

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