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Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker 5.5 Liter

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The Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker, with a 5.5-liter capacity, combines durability and functionality in a sleek design. Crafted from lightweight aluminum steel, it features a safety security valve for worry-free cooking. The heatproof bakelite handle ensures a secure grip, while its eco-friendly and easy-to-clean design adds convenience. With a perfect blend of quality and innovation, this pressure cooker offers a standard and smart solution for efficient cooking.


Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker 5.5 Liter

Product Type: Pressure Cooker
Material: Aluminum Steel
Size: 5.5 Liter
Safety security valve
Heatproof bakelite handle
Easy to Clean and Eco Friendly
Good Quality and lightweight product
Standard and Smart Design

1 review for Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker 5.5 Liter

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