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Electric Spice Grinder for Kitchen

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Electric Spice Grinder for Kitchen


Electric Spice Grinder for Kitchen

1. Exquisite appearance: Exquisite capacity, exquisite appearance.
2. Multi-functional: suitable for grinding grains, coffee beans, medicinal herbs, seasoning materials, etc.
3. Durable and resistant to falling: Food-grade stainless steel, sturdy and not easily broken.
4. Nutritional meal: Homemade five-grain nutritional substitute meal, low sugar and low fat for healthy eating.
5. Baby complementary food: Delicate ground complementary food to supplement the nutrients needed by the child.

Product category: Grinder
Speed control gear: 1st gear
Number of blades: 4
Body material: stainless steel
Rated Power: 200W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Product Size: 15×10cm

1 review for Electric Spice Grinder for Kitchen

  1. Online Shop BD

    This is an excellent product. You should buy it and enjoy it.

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