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Easy to carry Capsule Umbrella

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Easy to carry Capsule Umbrella


Easy to carry Capsule Umbrella

  • Do you want a small, light umbrella that is easy to carry and won’t get your car or bag wet? This cute mini umbrella is your best choice! This capsule umbrella is a creative gift for your parents, friends, colleagues, and lovers! There is a capsule case to hold the umbrella, which makes it small and portable and can also avoid water getting around.

Key features

  • Ultra light-weight, it can be carried with ease wherever you go.
  • Small size, foldable to 18 cm, compact design can easily be stored in your bag or pocket.
  • Flexible fiberglass and 6-rib aluminum alloy design.
  • The frosted rubberized handle brings you a lasting sense of comfortable grip.
  • Fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays with intensive black vinyl coating, preventing 95% of the UV.
  • Excellent heat insulation effect ensures you every comfortable and safe traveling in hot weather.
  • A stylish waterproof capsule case is equipped, you can put an umbrella into the capsule case so that water won’t get everywhere.


  • Main materials: rubber cloth, metal
  • Folding size: 18 * 4.5 * 4.5cm / 1.78 * 7.08 * 7.08in
  • Unfolding size: 85 * 85 * 53cm / 33.46 * 33.46 * 20.87in
  • Item weight: 180g / 6.35oz

Package list

  • Capsule umbrella
  • Portable cute capsule case
  • Color: Random (

1 review for Easy to carry Capsule Umbrella

  1. Online Shop BD

    Excellent small foldable umbrella.

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